Tuesday, May 9, 2017

*Making SpaniKopata Pasta*


Today, my class had cooking&gardening. Today I was cooking. YIPPEE!!!
1st instruction we had to do was chop of the stem of the silverbeet with a knife.

TIP- Always have a parent with you .

Next , I had to finely cut the garlic, while Suzy,Irene and Danielle
were ripping up the silverbeet. When we had finished the cutting parts, Irene was tipping the ingredients into the pan an\d started stirring. 

As soon as the food was all cooked, it was time to switch our cleaning powers on !  Girls were sweeping and washing dishes,
while the boys were setting up the table.

When the gardening group came in , everyone settled down, Hazel and Mele said the Thanks speech and they blessed the food.

Finally Tasting Time !

It was extremely tasty, but  just wasn't enough !

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