Wednesday, November 29, 2017

School Concert 2017

School Concert
On the 29th of November 2017, Dawson Primary had our school concert !

Each Year, every year level syndicate perform a dance representing a culture. This year since I was year six, my syndicate was performing Kapa Haka !

Mr D and Cj [ Our instructors ] came and helped our group get ready. Before we went on stage, my heart was feeling like a drum beating and beating over and over again !

When we started, we sang He Honore, then afterwards, was performing the actions for[ Ka Pi oioi , and E te Iwi E ]. The boys finished it off with the Haka !!

Finally, we all got changed back into our normal clothes and watched the other performances with our families !

Sunday, November 12, 2017

How Is An Investigation Done ?

What is an Investigation ?
An investigation is where the  F.B.I or policemen use their knowledge to find clues and information to find the murderer or a break in !

One of the most important things policemen need is clues and hints to bring them closer to the robber or murderer. They look for
  • Fingerprints/Footprints
  • Dna like hair,saliva,spats of blood ETC
But sometimes the DNA is washed away by water,blood or other people’s fingerprints. Also some DNA you can’t see, but policemen have a blue light torch. The blue light helps you to see the hidden DNA/clues.

What they do/How they do it
When policemen found Dna or bones, they place it in a clear sample bag and take to the Laboratory for the experts and the anthropologists to discover and work out who’s DNA or bones it belongs to.

Once the Anthropologists have found the murderer’s face and have discovered who’s evidence it belongs to, the policemen/FBI go on hunt to find him/her/other!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Ferguson Intermediate Visit

On the 9th of November, the year 6 syndicate jumped on the bus to Ferguson Intermediate.

Year 8 students there were our leaders ! they gave our group a tour of the school to see if we were wanting to go to Ferguson Intermediate !

Our group were able to do a majority of things like 
- PE
- Cooking
- Robotics
- Reading 
- Languages
And More !

In cooking class, we baked chocolate chip muffins! 
In PE we played a game of Tic Tac Toe but different .
Robotics was really fun because Lahteesha and myself were in front of a BIG screen, playing this ICT learning tasks.

Before we jumped back onto the bus, each person recieved a muffin from cooking !


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Art Exhibition

In Term 4, Dawson Primary School will be having a Art Exhibition.

This occasion is when each class in our school make a piece of art to hung on display.

When the art piece are hung on display , your families are allowed to look at them after school

To get your art piece is costs $2.00.

If art is your talent , and if you are lucky you get chosen to be in the art extension,and in art extension, you make another piece of art with your age syndicate ..... also with MRS NORTHEY !!

Monday, September 18, 2017

What To Do When There Is A Earth Quake !

When there is an earthquake, there are certain things you will need and certain things to do !

  • Things You Need
Free vector graphic: Light, Torch, Lamp, Electric - Free Image on ...

  • Free photo: First Aid Kit, Kits Medical, Patch - Free Image on ...First Aid Kit
  • Canned Food
  • Table
  • Torch
  • Radio/Phone

  • What To Do :

  • When you start to feel the ground shaking, stop what you’re doing IMMEDIATELY !
  • Quickly pack these things. 1. Canned food to eat,2. A torch, and a radio or cellphone so you can listen on the radio what’s happening !
  • Find the nearest table and go underneath so your body is protected.
  • Hold on to the table leg so the table doesn’t move away, because if it does your body is not covered !
  • Just be patient and wait for the earthquake to go away.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

How Our Weta Inquiry Is Going .

  • 20170526_090700.jpgOur Weta Project has been improving lots!

20170526_091018.jpgOur weta house designs are coming together and Josh [Our Expert Helper] has been coming in our class on the previous Tuesdays to help us with our designs .

For our designs we had to think about a majority of things like
  • How is the weta going to go inside the house
  • How are we going to stop the rain from dripping on the house
  • How are going to attach to the trees
* That the fact Weta's are nocturnal.  And other things as well as those !

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Auckland Zoo

On the 27th of  July, We had a free trip to the Zoo!

The reason Rm 18 is going to Auckland Zoo is because we are working with South Sci about Weta's becoming extinct and they helped us with our project by funding our trip .

In this learning space at the Zoo, Zookeepers were talking to  my class & Aorere College about everything and anything you would need to know about our New Zealand insect the WETA !

                              Also to help us was our science experts
                                           - Josh & Mark
 - Dr Sarah Morgan
 - Dr Victoria Metcalf

1. Did you know that a Giant Weta is one of the most biggest insects in the world!?

After the learning experience, we headed outside to explore a life of zoo animals !! My absolute favourite animal I got see was the Red Panda and the Tiger . 

On Behalf of Rm 18 Dawson Primary, We Would Like To Say A Big Thanks To Our Science Experts, South Sci And Auckland Zoo !!