Monday, September 18, 2017

What To Do When There Is A Earth Quake !

When there is an earthquake, there are certain things you will need and certain things to do !

  • Things You Need
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  • Canned Food
  • Table
  • Torch
  • Radio/Phone

  • What To Do :

  • When you start to feel the ground shaking, stop what you’re doing IMMEDIATELY !
  • Quickly pack these things. 1. Canned food to eat,2. A torch, and a radio or cellphone so you can listen on the radio what’s happening !
  • Find the nearest table and go underneath so your body is protected.
  • Hold on to the table leg so the table doesn’t move away, because if it does your body is not covered !
  • Just be patient and wait for the earthquake to go away.

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