Sunday, November 12, 2017

How Is An Investigation Done ?

What is an Investigation ?
An investigation is where the  F.B.I or policemen use their knowledge to find clues and information to find the murderer or a break in !

One of the most important things policemen need is clues and hints to bring them closer to the robber or murderer. They look for
  • Fingerprints/Footprints
  • Dna like hair,saliva,spats of blood ETC
But sometimes the DNA is washed away by water,blood or other people’s fingerprints. Also some DNA you can’t see, but policemen have a blue light torch. The blue light helps you to see the hidden DNA/clues.

What they do/How they do it
When policemen found Dna or bones, they place it in a clear sample bag and take to the Laboratory for the experts and the anthropologists to discover and work out who’s DNA or bones it belongs to.

Once the Anthropologists have found the murderer’s face and have discovered who’s evidence it belongs to, the policemen/FBI go on hunt to find him/her/other!

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