Monday, April 3, 2017

Cricket Tournament

Screenshot 2017-03-21 at 12.35.45 PM.png       Cricket Tournament 2017
On Wednesday 15th of March, I participated the Cricket tournament at the Papatoetoe Recreation centre. On our way there,my brain was full of thoughts,like are we going to win?,what if I stuff up,?But I just started to calm down and think about just having fun with my team . When we arrived, we were strolling around the area looking for the boys team,suddenly someone came to and that someone was.. THE ONLY...MISS PESALELI!
She showed us where our tent was,and off the girls went to our first game.
We were playing up against the Readoubt north girls cricket team.We did well but we lost by 1 point. SO CLOSE! Next round, we were up against
St Johns girls team. We lost again. Our team was all thinking we would lose our 3rd round,but.. We Won!!!! After all our games, we had lunch,the boys were telling us that they had won all their games accept the final round.

At prize giving , I was feeling disappointed because I thought our girls team would come last,but..  WE CAME 2nd! Woohoo! And also the boys placed 2nd as well. Our coaches were shocked and proud of both teams.


  1. Congratulations Alana. You guys should be very proud of yourself, 2nd is great. I'm glad you go through the nerves.

  2. very nice story Alana!

  3. Nice keep it up!