Thursday, July 27, 2017

Auckland Zoo

On the 27th of  July, We had a free trip to the Zoo!

The reason Rm 18 is going to Auckland Zoo is because we are working with South Sci about Weta's becoming extinct and they helped us with our project by funding our trip .

In this learning space at the Zoo, Zookeepers were talking to  my class & Aorere College about everything and anything you would need to know about our New Zealand insect the WETA !

                              Also to help us was our science experts
                                           - Josh & Mark
 - Dr Sarah Morgan
 - Dr Victoria Metcalf

1. Did you know that a Giant Weta is one of the most biggest insects in the world!?

After the learning experience, we headed outside to explore a life of zoo animals !! My absolute favourite animal I got see was the Red Panda and the Tiger . 

On Behalf of Rm 18 Dawson Primary, We Would Like To Say A Big Thanks To Our Science Experts, South Sci And Auckland Zoo !! 

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