Sunday, April 9, 2017

Tennis Trip

On Friday 7th April 2017, our yr 6 syndicate was invited to watch a international tennis match at the ASB Tennis Arena.

While we were waiting ,other primary schools started to arrive. We were given these inflatable sticks for free from the employees that organised our trip. We were watching players practising tennis, it said New Zealand and Korea on each shirt which means we are watching NZ vs Korea play tennis. Guess what happened the started starting pouring it's tears again! " I think we are just going to watch the rain, instead of a live tennis game." I said in a annoying voice.

Finally when the rain stopped, men started to sweep away the water away from the court. When they started playing, Korea was in the lead. I was too busy focusing on the scores.  So far Korea was winning by 30 points. To be honest it was actually starting to get really boring. Finally NZ scored a  point .( crowd roaring with excitement) I was just starting to enjoy it when... " Pack your gear" 
Teachers shouting. On our way back to school, I was just chatting to friends and laughing. 

Finally at school my classmates were just chatting, Miss Pesaleli dismissed us because it was home time 


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