Sunday, July 2, 2017

Maritime Museum

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  On the 30th of June, our year 6 syndicate went on a bus to the Maritime Museum.
When we had arrived, our tour guide [Leichelle] was telling us about the schedule for that day. I was put in Group 1 with room 16 and others from my class.

Our group was sailing first , I was just sitting on this long chair holding onto the bars and watching the waves crashing  down. The waka went underneath the harbour bridge, then we went a little longer down then turned around and went back to the museum.

Next, we swapped over with group two and headed to the workshop with Leichelle.  In the workshop we watched some small clips about the polynesian Voyagers and how they traveled on the ocean. After that, at 12.00 pm this golden cannon goes off so the other workers know it was half of the day gone. And also since the voyager never had clocks, the would fire the cannon other villager knew.

Finally - LUNCH !! Our syndicate came together to have our lunch.  We had enough time to split into groups and explore the museum.  But at 1.45pm  we had to leave.


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